Seed and Weave 8 weeks online course: #seedsarebeautiful

This 8 week course focuses on two, very precious things to me: seeds and weaving. Seeds are beautiful. Just looking at them I find myself captured by the suggestions, metaphors, poetic landscapes, aesthetics and imagery, history and narratives, they bring to this world. In this course we will dance our seeds. We will sprout themContinue reading “Seed and Weave 8 weeks online course: #seedsarebeautiful”

EXODOI>Intensive Workshop

This is a wonderful opportunity to dive deep in a full time intensive workshop exploring Butoh bodies and process, processual choreography and cartographic score gesture verse fragrance. These have been developed over 20years of experience in creation and Butoh research. Workshop fee: 150 euro + fee for food and accommodation (students or unemployed) Click hereContinue reading “EXODOI>Intensive Workshop”