a memory from Let’s Kiss a dance project celebrating the kiss between Kazuo Ohno and Pina Bausch, Butoh Dance and contemporary

Seed and Weave an 8 weeks Online embodied practice

We come to an internal time and space ideal to plan our metaphoric and symbolic seeds. We plant our vision and create our weaving tools to see them sprout and bloom.

In a poetic embodied practice, this online course offers an opportunity to shed the grounds for our visions and desires to be planted.

Following nature we prepare our body heart mind alignment to weave our srounting seeds to bloom and expand into our material world.

This is a practical course that offers body practices of dance and movement, deep body scanning, dance intention based meditations, writing process, and integration of vision intention and realization.

A great course for giving space and focus, renew energy to push forwards our true desires aligned to what and how we want to move in this world.

A creative process practice articulated in the following way:

An initial 1.30h online to ground the process

A 1. 30 hr gathering every 2 weeks, for a total of 4 gatherings, Tuesday or Thursday evening 7pm – 8pm or 8pm – 9pm CET

Weekly Email content with prompts, dance intention based meditations and creative process sheets.

This is an intimate time we dedicate to our most delicate and precious vision to embody its life, weaving it through to see its grounding in our life!

Bonus: a welcome box will be sent to your homes.

Ready to dive in? Root your seed? Bloom its realization? Then this course is for You! contact me here ambrabutoh@gmail.com

I offer a scale price between 188 euro and 244 euro for 8 weeks course.

If you wish to take the course and you are experiencing economic difficulties, contact me!

Payments are made via PayPal at ambrabutoh@gmail.com

you can contact me here ambrabutoh@gmail.com

Looking forwards to our seed and weave process!


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