Seed and Weave 8 weeks online course: #seedsarebeautiful

This 8 week course focuses on two, very precious things to me: seeds and weaving.

Seeds are beautiful. Just looking at them I find myself captured by the suggestions, metaphors, poetic landscapes, aesthetics and imagery, history and narratives, they bring to this world.

In this course we will dance our seeds. We will sprout them from within. We will come to our seed dance by creatively visioning what seeds we need and want to bring to ultimately, bloom. We will enter this creative embodied process using writing notations and Butoh Dance.

Butoh Dance is my practice. I am a Butoh dancer, festival director, author and practitioner of this endlessly describe-undescribable form of art. For more than 25 years.

I love it as art and as practice that can be of support to other ones. In a synthetic way, Butoh Dance restaures our bodies heart mind alignment. Its practice allows for a deep exploration of all humanity, nature, poetry, light, shadow and all possible creation. Rooted in relationality and metamorphosis, it is a powerful embodied creative process that can be as subtle as a breath, or as magnified as magmatic eruptions.

For this 8 week course I have developed a subtle dance approach. Space for movement is not an issue. We focus on micromovement and intimate, within dance. No dance or previous experience is needed.

#staytunedformore I will share more on weaving and seeds and the content of this course. If you feel an 8 week creative embodied process is what you need, this is for you! You can drop a line here ambrabutoh@gmail. com

Course structure: 4 online live classes of 2hrs long practice time and daily email prompts to support your creative process and vision embodiment. Classes are both on a 1 to 1 basis as collective.

This course is on a scale so you can choose to pay between 144 and 244 euro via PayPal using

Happy to delve into our processes and be witness to you Seed Dance.

Much love and creation


all materials of Ambra Bergamasco ©

a memory from Let’s Kiss a dance project celebrating the kiss between Kazuo Ohno and Pina Bausch, Butoh Dance and contemporary

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