Online one-to-one and group work: from monolithic to Kaleidoscopic presence©

I have always wanted to bring an embodied presence in online courses. Something that makes you engage with the body as much as with reflection and participation; a new way to introduce Butoh dance to those that never have experienced it and expand its potential as a tool that can aid in artistic processes as much as personal.

In my butoh classes I had the pleasure to meet actors and sculptors that come because they feel that the way in which butoh works is beneficial to their own art, and their own life. I must say gladly that a lot of participants come from all different walks of life, and choose butoh because through its structure they can avail of a free-style space where it is only their creativity and vision that matters and needs to be danced.

The participatory embodied process I offer is not only limited to artists and dancers, but wishes to become a useful space for those that want to explore and are curious to tackle those difficult stagnating moments that feel like monoliths by diving in to them feeling supported return to a kaleidoscopic presence.

In this drop down menu you can read what I offer. I facilitate one-to-one sessions and group work.

Of course, if you live in Ireland and in particular in Dublin…come to the classes or contact me directly and we can do this vis-a vis.

Hoping this can be useful.
Thank you for reading!

If you wish, you can contact me here for more informations:

NB All support goes to make sure Moving Bodies Butoh Festival will happen over the years to bring Butoh and its artists to everyone!

MOVING BODIES is a volunteer based festival. To support it we do crowd-funding and run classes and workshops with invited guests through the year in Ireland and Italy. All income goes to support the festival costs and the artists fee.

Hugh Lane Dublin
Hugh Lane Dublin

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