Online Group work: Kaleidoscope practical pragmatic presence©

Participation and collaboration are really what drives my art and what keeps me going even when funding doesn’t come through. I always gain so much for what emerges from groups. I like going through the rough patches and land in soft clouds where the overcoming of difficulties gifts one’s own presence with artistic expansion. This happens at every Butoh Festival, in particular this year’s touring one –

Bypassing these introductory lines, let us get to what is here on offer.

I like online group work. I like that I don’t know who is coming to the group and how I will react and learn. So I thought that if it works for me, grumpy and bossy at times, it can works for others.

I find that working in a group through the themes of  what it means to be practical pragmatic, how does it feel when we are kaleidoscopic and how do we manage to bring all this into presence is a great way to tackle those moments in which we feel monolithic and stagnant. Those are fundamental stages. We can learn a lot by being, diving into stagnation. Here is where engaging in a participatory process can help and having a group makes it easier!

This process is not though out only for artists. Anyone that feels this can be an interesting experience can join in.

What do we do?

We meet on skype for 2 hours the first time. We introduce ourselves and we state were we are at and what we would like to gain after a month of processual embodies practice.

The theme is Kaleidoscopic practical pragmatic presence. WHat does that mean to you? Can you relate? Find artists – dancer painters theatre makers, lighting designers, and so forth – that for you have and express in their work a kaleidoscopic practical and pragmatic presence. From there…the process starts.

I will send the group exercises stemming from my Butoh dance practice and artistic experience once a week; the group process is supported by a private facebook page were the group shares ideas, work, reaction, reflections; you will be assigned a partnen to work with (if the number of participants is odd then three will gather); you and the partner will engage with the exercises by getting in touch and sharing through the week and will email me the content. I reply once a week providing feedback. I will also give feed back throughout the weeks on the private group. On the fourth week we meet again on skype for 2 hours to evaluate, share, conclude.

How much does it cost?

In terms of time: four weeks and as much as you want to dive in.

In terms of euro: I leave the choice up to you. You can give 30; 50; 80 or 100 euro.

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image: × 300

MIT student photography exhibit, “Process,” at the Wiesner Student Art Gallery captures science in action.



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