Minako Seki’s impressions of Ambra G. Bergamasco

My impression of Ambra Gatto Bergamasco

After giving my workshop in Dance Ireland/Dance House (Dublin, Ireland) which came about through an invitation from Ambra Gatto Bergamasco, I was impressed to see how her warm lovely energy expands into the work and body of her students.
She is deeply committed and gives all her energy and time to nurture Butoh in Dublin and Ireland. It is hard work to be a pioneer, it is hard work to show and integrate such an art form into a city.

People who see new things, at first can think „Is it a car or an anvil“ ??

This happens as people when confronted with new things need time to acquire the necessary tools to recognise what is happening and enjoy it.
I was also a pioneer in 1987 when I first started my Butoh group in Berlin and in Germany.
Therefore I know how committed and invested one must be!! To make things happen it is necessary to take Life-Missions !!

Yes, Miss Ambra is completely taking her Risk and Life-Mission to give to the city and citizens her life and energy for Butoh Scene in Dublin and Ireland.

Blessing you, dear Ambra.


4. July. 2014

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