Masaki Iwana – “This is My Beginning” a Short Docufilm

This short docu-film was produced by Espace Productions Moving Bodies Festival and Unidigita. We launched to commemorate Masaki’s life, in November 2020. It was shot during his stay at Moving Bodies Festival at Teatro Esapce of Torino.

Masaki Iwana (1945-2020) is considered a master artist of Butoh and film maker. He has founded Maison du Butoh Blanc in Normand where he taught to many students and created his work, both as performer and film maker na has been actively involved in Moving Bodies Festival since 2015, as an artist on stage and through his film showing and as a Master teacher facilitating Butoh training. In 2018 we started working towards opening a Torino Butoh school under his direction. To me, he was and will always remain a dear friend colleague and teacher.

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