Seed and Weave 8 weeks online course: #seedsarebeautiful

This 8 week course focuses on two, very precious things to me: seeds and weaving. Seeds are beautiful. Just looking at them I find myself captured by the suggestions, metaphors, poetic landscapes, aesthetics and imagery, history and narratives, they bring to this world. In this course we will dance our seeds. We will sprout themContinue reading “Seed and Weave 8 weeks online course: #seedsarebeautiful”

Seed and Weave an 8 weeks Online embodied practice

We come to an internal time and space ideal to plan our metaphoric and symbolic seeds. We plant our vision and create our weaving tools to see them sprout and bloom. In a poetic embodied practice, this online course offers an opportunity to shed the grounds for our visions and desires to be planted. FollowingContinue reading “Seed and Weave an 8 weeks Online embodied practice”