Notazione: un libro di danza butoh e poesia

Esce per la casa editrice Giulio Perrone Editore, collana L’Erudita, Notazione (metrica delle ossa: tra butoh e poesia), di Ambra Gatto Bergamasco e Paolo Fichera. Si può acquistare su Amazon, Feltrinelli, Mondadori on line. Notazione è il primo libro scritto in Italia sul rapporto tra butoh e poesia. “ll butoh è una danza che ha le sue originiContinue reading “Notazione: un libro di danza butoh e poesia”

Dance travels from Body to Body: digital humanities, theatre, dance and embodied transmission

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Taking inspiration from this great article entitled “Mapping Movement on the Move: Dance Touring and Digital
” by Harmony Bench, Kate Elswit (published in Theatre Journal, Volume 68, Number 4, December 2016, pp. 575-596 (Article, there are a lot on interesting lines of inquiry and directions pointed at that are oxygen for thinking and, I found, especially reflecting. In this site specific world we are living through. Movement is a hot topic. There will always be an overspill of information, of soma and its articulation as soma-techne from a body to a body…