Cartographic Score: Sign Gesture Fragrance. An Online Course

Online dance movement practice: sign gesture and fragrance to discover our own cartographic choreography. The course will run for one year and the classes are held on zoom and are open to no more that three people per session as a group and are held individually otherwise.

Cartographic Score wants to provide a space for research. processual understanding of choreography and dramaturgy through micro-movement, internal body, somatic reference, internal poetic landscapes, supported by experiential theory.

Sign Gesture and Fragrance are the elements through which we will learn to observe, discover, creatively assess our own imaginary and process. Open to all, no background needed. For artists dancers this can be a space of nourishment, reassessment, and creative intimate exploration.

We will work with micro-movement and imagery stemming from the poetry of Paolo Fichera and essential oils; the session is articulated so that there is space for both theoretical and practical engagement.
Structure of the course: one session per week, online materials, video tutorials.

The course structure caters both self-pace learning and collective practices allowing to take time to go through the course material at one’s own time. The course can be done with limited space as it focuses on small scale movement and dance exploration. A working diary will be given with the materials to mentor and log the developed knowledge and outcomes of each session and alone study time.

Times for online sessions: 8 – 9.30 am CET or 9 – 10.30 pm CET Wednesdays or to be agreed with participants on a one2one basis.

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You will receive the welcome pack cost and programme and a video bonus!

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