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 “To convey gestures on a performative level, it is necessary to reveal the process of fruition when coming in contact with inner form. Then, the internal architecture acts on the dramaturgy, revealing the direction of a whole, supporting thebody that lends itself to the process “(A. G. Bergamasco).

Ambra G. Bergamasco, is a finnish-italian dance artist, researcher and artisti director. Situated internationally in the art scene as an author dancer, researcher in the field of critical theory, art and geography, digital analog aesthesis. She has engaged with site specific and walking participatory art performance both in Ireland and Italy. On a dance level, Ambra defines herself as a processual choreographer and a corporeal dramaturg practicing Butoh dance since 1998. She investigated sign gesture and verse in the relationality of internal and external landscapes.

Ambra has collaborated with international artists both on stage and on camera. She has a long-standing collaboration with experimental film director Michael Higgins. Ambra has engaged in dance for music video.

Ambra started dancing at 4 years old, training in classical, modern, tiptap, contemporary, capoeira, Indian classical dance and African dance. Since 1998 she decided to deepen her understanding of the body as a living dramaturgical opportunity through Butoh dance.

Ambra creates and performs Solo pieces since 2002 working with Conleth White, light designer and video art direction. She has performed in India and worked with world famous Dancer Activist Mallika Sarabhai as dancer and choreographer. She has performed her solo pieces in Italy, Ireland, Holland, Japan and Ireland and India.

Academically BA and HDip in Cultural Anthropology MU, Ireland and a long lasting relationship with her PhD thesis in Cultural Geography. She has presented at many conferences in Ireland, Germany and U.S.A. Her presentations have been mostly performance lectures: The Geographical Turn, Ireland; Dancing Days Galway, Art and Deleuze Ireland to name a few.

She is the artistic director of Moving Bodies Festival and runs Espace Productions, a transversal performing arts production, research, development and innovation company.

From an early age she partakes in the artistic production of renowned art theatre artists Ulla Alasjarvi and Beppe Bergamasco, founders of the Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica – Alasjarvi & Bergamasco (1971) today under Espace Productions, and Teatro Espace (1999-2019).

Ambra lived in Ireland for 20 years, and maintains her collaborations with what she feels is a home to her. In Dublin, she worked with Dance Ireland-Dance House, as a teacher and developed her solo research pieces through residency periods. Moving Bodies Festival has been supported by the Embassy of Japan in Ireland since 2015. Ambra engages with new pathways to sustain and stimulate the field of cultural economy. In lieu of this, she recently created Business2ArtsItaly.

Currently, Ambra collaborates with BTT Balletto Teatro di Torino Contemporary Dance Company. She works as a authorial dance artists and directs Espace Productions with contemporary poet Paolo Fichera. EP is an open -ended dance theatre company.

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ambrabutoh@gmail.com contact me here to get your welcome pack to Cartographic Score Sign Gesture Fragrance Online Course one on one 

fb: espace productions

fb: moving bodies festival dublin

fb: moving bodies festival and live arts torino

Instagram: espace productions

Moving Bodies Festival Butoh & Live Arts

MBFestival was created after two editons – 2012 and 2013 of Dublin Butoh Festival directed by Katrin Neue and co-director Ambra G. Bergamasco, staged at La Cathedral Studios and Smock Alley, and Dance Ireland/Dance House. That was the first ever butoh festival in Ireland and is part of the Dance Archives of Ireland. In 2014 I created and developed, Moving Bodies Festival taking its direction and curatorial directions and as artist dancer. MBF is a Butoh Dance and Performance Art festival which gained support from the Cultural Department of Tokyo through the Japan Embassy of Ireland. Mr. Yuichi Yamada was my reference contact at the Embassy in Dublin. The support and partnership of the Embassy was from 2015 to 2017. The Japan Consulate of Milano, Italy, granted nominal supportfor 2017. This festival is intended as a platform for the development and the meeting of Butoh with Performance art, and cultural exchange between Japan and Europe. It runs every year and it hosts both Italian and international artists. We try to bring together new and stablished artists. We offer an intensive summer practice of 15 days and 3 residencies.

In 2020 we held an online festival specifying to the artists that the work was intended for social media Face Book format.

In 2018 and 2019 the festival was held in Turin, Italy at Teatro Espace

In 2017 the festival was staged at Dance Ireland/Dance House in Dublin, Ireland.

In 2016 the festival was staged at Mart Gallery, Dublin Ireland and Teatro Espace Torino, Italy. In 2015 the festival was staged at Mart Gallery, Dublin Ireland and Teatro Espace Torino, Italy

In 2014 it has a touring format and was staged at the following venues: Firckin Crane, Cork; Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin; CAA_Glasgow, Scotland; Teatro Espace, Torino, Italy.

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