Seed and Weave 8 weeks Online Creative Process

Time of the year to seed and start weaving dreams and desires into reality.

I am offering an embodied practicing online space. Simple and neet.

One hour a week for 8 weeks we meet live online and in writing. Our dancing space is created by intention and embodiment via creative poetic suggestions that will make our intentions dance and take form in our own unique gestures and fragrances.

If you feel the need to plan weave and nourish a desiring dream, then this practice time is for you.

Costs? scale your way:

8 weeks with online live practices, email content and two indept sessions

244 euro – 188 euroch

choose your price and get in touch heream

Looking forwards to seed and weave dancing our way to our deepest desires.

much love and dance to all of us


Published by ambra gatto bergamasco

Artist dancer Processual Choreographer Corporeal Dramaturg; Butoh dancer and teacher; Moving Bodies Festival Director and curator, Artistic Director of Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica/ Espace Productions. Research: Cultural Anthropology_Urban Geography_Art and Geography_Cartography_Score_SiteSpecific_Mental Health_Humans_Ecosystems_Embodied Politics Economies of culture and culture economy

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