Celebrating October with something Beautiful: “full empty dance of the heart”, Daoist interpretation and more

October to me  is a special month. The colours found in nature, and nature itself, are in full transformation: the yellows, reds, oranges bloomed with sun release their ripeness to reach emptiness. This is what I can perceive in October, the fullness of the summer dancing its emptiness. October to me is a time of emptying the fulness of the spring summer months and the birth of new visions, nested in the deepest chambers of the heart.


This rhythm makes me reflect on the heart; how, in order to function, the heart needs to absorb and release. By absorbing it gathers, fills up, absorbs, seizes, to its full potential to then when reached the maximum capacity, release. It lets go, empties, voids its self and by doing so it expands.

These are the themes that keep coming up in my daily practice. When I move my body reaches for those places where I can touch the fulness and as I do, or begin doing so, my body takes me to explore voiding through vortex-led movements…and I just sit and observe. My desires are worthless, my resistances material for arabesque laughters. So I stay. Witness and learn.

My main interest these days is to learn more and in a more structured manner Daoist tradition understandings and explore the heart in different ways, reading different apporaches and symbolisms, meanings.

Here below is the link to a pdf (so if you click on it you can read the book) entitled

“The Chinese Heart in a cognitive perspective” Culture, Body, and Language” by Ning Yu


Here, an interesting insight into Daoist  approach:

From the Daoist classic, Contemplations by the Huainan Masters (Huainanzi) , ca. 110 B.C.:

The heart is the ruler of the five organ networks. It commands the movements of the four extremities, it circulates the qi and the blood, it roams the realms of the material and the immaterial, and it is in tune with the gateways of every action. Therefore, coveting to govern the flow of energy on earth without possessing a heart would be like aspiring to tune gongs and drums without ears, or like trying to read a piece of fancy literature without eyes. (source: www.itmonline.org/5organs/heart.htm )

Clenching my thirst, I shall attempt to learn from my empty heart.

Thank you. I hope you found something of your interest.


ambra g. bergamasco © chokohma2014

Published by ambra gatto bergamasco

Artist dancer Processual Choreographer Corporeal Dramaturg; Butoh dancer and teacher; Moving Bodies Festival Director and curator, Artistic Director of Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica/ Espace Productions. Research: Cultural Anthropology_Urban Geography_Art and Geography_Cartography_Score_SiteSpecific_Mental Health_Humans_Ecosystems_Embodied Politics Economies of culture and culture economy

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