Here I am. My home and what it is all about


I am finally home. This is my personal website. It is dedicated to what I do and to all things Butoh in Dublin, Ireland and the spin-offs that may emerge from my researches and artistic processes.

I am the director of Moving Bodies Butoh Festival – – and I run classes at Dance Ireland/Dance House in Foley St. D1 every Thursday from 7 to 9 pm. You can follow me on twitter and facebook where I share ideas class content notifications and events on the wider Butoh Community.

I hope you will drop a line from time to time or come visit.

Thank you for you time and curiosity,

Autumns Blossomings to all


Published by ambra gatto bergamasco

Artist dancer Processual Choreographer Corporeal Dramaturg; Butoh dancer and teacher; Moving Bodies Festival Director and curator, Artistic Director of Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica/ Espace Productions. Research: Cultural Anthropology_Urban Geography_Art and Geography_Cartography_Score_SiteSpecific_Mental Health_Humans_Ecosystems_Embodied Politics Economies of culture and culture economy

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